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Date 2010-09-14.11:56:17
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The solution may be different depending on Python version. I propose to keep macpath in Python 2.7, just because it's too late to change such thing in Python2. But we may mark macpath as deprecated, eg. "macpath will be removed in Python 3.2" (see above). I suppose that the same treatement can be used on Python 3.1 (maybe with a different warning type/message).

But for Python 3.2, I suggest to drop macpath. Said differently: drop Mac OS 9 support. If you really need Mac OS 9 support, continue to use Python 2.7. If I understood correctly, macpath is not used for os.path in Python 3.2, and it is broken (at least on 64 bits build).

But well, I am not a Mac programmer, so I don't know if Mac OS 9 is still commonly installed or not.
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