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Not that my opinion matters, but for what is it worth, I find it rather unusual to have to use special flags to get "normal" (for some definition of normal) behaviour, while retaining the defaults buggy in some way (like ZEROWIDTH). I would think, the backwards compatibility would not be needed under these circumstances - in such probably marginal cases (or is setting global flags at the end or otherwhere than on beginning oof the pattern that frequent?). It seems, that with many new features and enhancements for previously "impossible" patterns, chances are, that the code using regular expressions in a more advanced way might benefit from reviewing the patterns (where also the flags for "historical" behaviour could be adjusted if really needed).

Anyway, thanks for further improvements! (although it broke my custom function previously misusing the internal data of the regex module for getting the unicode script property (currently unavailable via unicodedata) :-).

Best regards,
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