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Date 2010-09-10.21:09:33
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Great! Thanks Antoine.

I checked quickly and there is a small correction to do on the 2.7 branch: this branch is different because there has been a change between python 2.x and 3.x in pep-3121 concerning the name of the entry function in a module (init<modulname> to PyInit_<modulename>)

So you need to change this line in Modules/ from:
  entry=PyInit_`echo $filename | sed "s/module.*//"`
  entry=init`echo $filename | sed "s/module.*//"`

Except for that it looks fine.

I will continue to try to make all unitary tests pass on AIX. And I would like to setup a buildbot that will compile and test the trunk every day and post the log on a public web site, in order to help keep this platform well supported.
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