Author tim.peters
Date 2002-07-15.03:48:13
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Mark, we're running different code.  I'm talking about, which I attached to this bug report a few msgs 
back.  See the file attachment whose name is 
<wink>.  It doesn't use at all, just raw threads 
and raw locks from the thread module.  See that file and 
what I've been talking about will be clear.

About boosting the Sleep() argument, sure, that's 

I don't know anything about Linux quirks.  The design of the 
Windows gimmick here is such that any number of threads 
can wake up in the WaitForSingleObject().  If Linux happens 
to deliver SIGINT only to the main thread, then I suppose 
only the main thread will get KeyboardInterrupt on Linux.  
But I don't know what Linux does -- we'll have to suck a 
Linux geek in fo find out.
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