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Date 2010-09-07.19:07:31
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> Sorry to be pedantic - but it looks like (don't have a build
> environment at hand at the moment) it will fail to build as 64bit on
> the not-so-up-to-date AIX with missing 64bit flock implementation:
> There, the compile-check will succeed and define HAVE_FLOCK, but the
> link-check will fail - which really should reset have_flock to 'no'.
> IMO, HAVE_FLOCK should be defined when _both_ checks succeed only, not
> upon the compile-check only as it is done now.

It might be better indeed. Patches against the current SVN branches are
welcome (I don't have an AIX system to test them on, and besides I'm not
an autoconf expert).
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