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Author sable
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Date 2010-09-06.13:57:02
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I have updated the patch and adapted it for Python 3.1.2:

* this time ld_so_aix is moved to which is converted to ld_so_aix by 'configure' so that it has the right version number for the python library

* there are no more warnings for 'Duplicate symbol': I changed to not link extensions with libpython since the symbols are already defined by python.exp

* I made a modification to ld_so_aix specifically for Python 3 as according to pep-3121 the entry function has been renamed from init<modulname> to PyInit_<modulename>

I will provide another patch for Python 2.7 (nearly the same, but without the modification needed by pep-3121).
I also attach the build log for Python 3.1.2 without and with this patch.

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