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Date 2010-09-05.13:46:48
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Please find attached a "fix" for #9662. Some explanation is in order:

- the Windows, Linux and OS X implementations of FFI included in the SVN are different in terms of maturity
- Thomas originally when fixing #5504 used a bit of functionality regarding closures that wasn't there in the Windows and OS X versions
- he did some dirty hacking on the Windows version to make it work: changed the ffi_prep_closure function header to ffi_prep_closure_loc (leaving the old implementation) and introduced names for ffi_closure_alloc and ffi_closure_free
- he didn't touch the OS X version so it failed

I did more-less the same thing but in case of OS X we have many ffi_prep_closure implementations for different archs so I simply did an #ifdef in the place ffi_prep_closure is used.

I think a better solution ultimately would be to update all implementation to FFI 3.0.9 and be done with it. Still, the current patch works for me.
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