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Date 2010-09-04.04:37:25
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The patch has been commited largely as-is (r84486).

I'm not happy with the documentation yet:

- Markup like this:

    .. method:: ConfigParser.getint(section, option, raw=False,
                [vars, default])

  doesn't sit well with me.  I'm going to dig around current practice
  a bit and discuss with Georg sometime over the next few days, and
  see how best to adjust that.

- Inclusion of references to internal names in the API docs, like this
  in the signatures:


  is just bad form.  Again, we need a better way.  I suspect there is
  little if any considered precedent, so we'll come up with something.

Neither of these are blockers; we can adjust this independently of the
code and doocumentation content.  (It's not part of the feature.)

Leaving this issue open for the completion of these changes.
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