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As an experiment, I ran doctest on 17.2 json saved as .txt, See #9767
4 failures, 2 obvious doc faults, 2 unclear to me.
Their were 2 similar doc faults in non-interactive code examples, so doctest is not enough to catch all bad code.

We clearly need to do this for the entire doc, preferably before 3.2 is released. A master issue is the wrong format, at least by itself. What I think is needed is a repository doc like Misc/maintainers.rst, call it Misc/doctests or Misc/docdoctests. It should have a line for each doc section with current status (blank for unchecked, n/a for no interactive example, issue number for fixes in progress). A master issue could then be a place where non-committers can report changes that committers could apply. What do you others think?
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