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The big problem with adding the %python%\scripts directory to the path is it makes a lot of assumptions about how Python is deployed.

And it raises some questions. What should the precedence be? What should happen if multiple versions of Python are installed? Should the latest version take precedence? Should the latest version remove the path for the previous version?

Personally, I'm -1 on this idea unless it's a checkbox that can easily be deselected (or not selected by default). I install multiple different versions of Python to my system and I symlink \Python to the "active" version and I add "\Python\Scripts" to the path, so I can easily switch between my active version of Python. Adding \Python26\Scripts and \Python26-64\Scripts and \Python27\Scripts and ... to the path could become very messy.

Perhaps a better solution would be to provide a link in the start menu or a script to be run which adds the scripts to the path for that instance of Python... so it could be easily and painlessly added after the fact.
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