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Date 2010-08-31.13:32:51
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As reported in this issue and issue 1756343 and issue 1542544, Python does not produce a shared python library on AIX even with the --enable-shared flag.

I had provided a patch to correct that, but it was breaking static compilation of Python on AIX.

We are upgrading our AIX build environment to AIX 6.1 and Python 2.6.6, so I took the time to review this patch again and to clean it so that it works well when compiling Python statically and dynamically, with either gcc and xlc_r.

I attach the resulting patch, and the build and unit test logs. You can notice that not only this patch allows to compile Python dynamically on AIX, but also that it improves the unit tests results when compiling Python statically.

For example with the xlc_r compiler and Python compiled statically, the results without the patch are:
  274 tests OK.
  22 tests failed
  70 tests skipped
The results with the patch are:
  286 tests OK.
  21 tests failed
  59 tests skipped

A minor issue with this patch is that "" is hardcoded in the ld_so_aix file. That should be modified by moving ld_so_aix to and using $LDLIBRARY, or by using an explicit flag when calling ld_so_aix to compile

If you agree to the principle of this patch, I can make the extra work to clean ld_so_aix and test this patch on Python 2.7 and 3.1.

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