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Date 2010-08-30.06:28:06
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One part of develop that we could add is the creation of a .pth file in a directory on sys.path (with Python >= 2.6, --user gives that for free). IMNSHO, this should be implemented as an option to the install_lib* command, named --link-only or something better.

*(Not install, since .pth does not handle scripts, headers or data. The purpose of this command/option is to make modules and packages importable, more would be trickier.)

(“pythonx.y install_lib --user --link-only” is long, I agree. This problem is solved with copy/paste, shell history, shell function, or we could steal the aliases system from setuptools.)

I have a suspicion the install command (or a subcommand) already has most of what it takes to do this. I’m still trying to understand the extra_path argument (#901727), which may or may not give us 90% of what’s needed to implement this feature.
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