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Author Kontr-Olli
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Date 2010-08-30.00:16:42
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Dear all,

first of all, thank you for the patch making multiple file-streams in bz2 available in python. Yesterday, I've tried to adapt the recent patch for python 3k to the actual python 2.7. Most of the hunks could be easy adapted by editing just one ore two things concerning the different file-layout between p3k and python 2.7.

Unfortunatelly it wasn't possible for me to completly downgrade this patch to python 2.7. Especially the last hunk in the patch and also the hunks which are related to self->rawfp couldn't be adapted succesfully by me.

Could anybody assist me to make this patch available for python 2.7 or does a patch for this python version already exist?

If you like, I can upload my recent changes in this patch for further investigation.

Thank you!

best regards,
Oliver Deppert
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