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Date 2010-08-27.22:58:29
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I tested this on a real Windows 7 machine (64 bit, Ultimate)
I open the command prompt, and I have the latest Pythons installed,
Python 2.6.6, Python 2.7 final, and Python 3.1.2
If I hold down Ctrl-C, it will eventually exit the interpreter.
Though it's not normal to hold down Ctrl-C, in practice that means pressing Ctrl-C
to cancel a currently running script may just exit the interpreter.
Python 3.1 seems really terrible in this regard where sometimes a single Ctrl-C will exit the interpreter.

I have seen this issue fixed in Python 2.5.2 on Windows. It would never exit the interpreter no matter how long I pressed Ctrl-C. I don't see this issue in Linux. I don't have a Mac to test, but I'd like Mac users to test the signal handling in their terminals.
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