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> Ah, I wondered if it was something like that
> (encoding=>UnicodeError).  It's not really a *unicode* error, it's a
> syntax error in the domain name construction (ie: it is invalid
> whether or not unicode is involved, it just isn't caught in 2.x for
> non-unicode domain names), but oh well.

It's perhaps dubious whether IDNA is an encoding at all. Punycode
certainly is, but IDNA only applies to (DNS) names. However, if
you take the stance that IDNA converts Unicode names into bytes
names, and is therefore an encoding, then this encoding is undefined
for certain Unicode strings. If the encoding is undefined, the exception
is a UnicodeError (unless there are errors in the code
of the codec itself, such as MemoryErrors, but that's not the case
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