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> Why would this not be required for the standard exceptions then?

It looks like PyAPI_DATA can be defined differently depending on whether we're building code as a built-in or as a loadable module.  If _iomodule.c is really being built as a module, that would explain why there's a difference.  The standard exceptions are always built-in.

In Python 2.7, _io is not the default I/O system for Python, so I could understand why it might be a loadable module there.  Of course, if Amaury is right that it's being built both ways then I assume that could be the underlying problem.

Also, the definition of PyAPI_DATA has a bunch of conditions specifically for Cygwin, which (partially) explains why the behavior is different from a regular Windows build.

I am not an export on the dllimport and dllexport keywords, although I have needed to use them on occasion.  I am speculating.
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