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Author ncoghlan
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Date 2010-08-22.09:16:13
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It would be good if the test timed out rather than deadlocking in the face of a broken import lock.

I suggest:
1. Make the two test threads daemon threads
2. Specify a timeout to the join() calls
3. Use self.assertFalse(t1.is_alive()) and self.assertFalse(t2.is_alive()) to check the calls actually finished

For your #9260 testing, this looks like it may be a little probabilistic. I think you can make the deadlock a near certainty by defining your test modules and threads as follows:

# Create a circular import structure: A -> C -> B -> D -> A
circular_imports_modules = {
    'A': """if 1:
        import ev
        import time
        x = 'a'
        import C
    'B': """if 1:
        import ev
        import time
        x = 'b'
        import D
    'C': """import B""",
    'D': """import A""",
    'ev': """if 1:
         import threading;
         evA = threading.Event()
         evB = threading.Event()

        def import_ab():
            import ev
            import A
            results.append(getattr(A, 'x', None))
        def import_ba():
            import ev
            import B
            results.append(getattr(B, 'x', None))

(I've done a trick along these lines before, and the above doesn't look quite right. Maybe the details will come back to me if I sit on it for a while)
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