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Date 2010-08-21.00:02:17
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I suppose we have to reject this request.

For distutils, it is too late, we don’t add new features.

In distutils2, we have removed bdist_rpm and rejected bdist_deb (#1054967), with the rationale that OS-specific formats are best made by tools that are customized by the OS, play well with policies and other tools, and have a shorter release cycle than Python. For the case of Solaris, I gather that there are at least five flavors of this OS (well, four if you count OpenSolaris dead), each one having various releases. I don’t know the span of the differences between versions and flavors, but I guess that it’s a situation similar to RPM. Adding to that the lack of contributor agreement, I think we won’t add this command to distutils2 either.

Tarek, please correct me if I’m wrong or reject the bug if I’m right.

Holger, sorry your work has to be rejected.
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