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> I do not agree with Antoine.  For binary transfer, another method is
> called, and it does work fine.  However, storelines would be called
> for ASCII mode, in which encoding and decoding should be done by the
> FTP program.  ASCII mode would translate files, so a file loaded on a
> PC may not be identical to the same file when loaded on a Mac.

Well if it's really "ASCII" mode, it should refuse any character > 127,
in which case I would agree to hardcode ascii as an encoding.

But, in any case, storing "lines" has a meaning in binary mode, as
witnessed by the fact that binary files in Python 3 have a readline()
method. This means storlines should still succeed for binary input, even
if it is made compatible with text input.

I would personally argue that the text transfer mode in FTP is an
ill-conceived feature from the start and ftplib should do whatever is
reasonable nowadays, rather than what looked reasonable 30 years ago.
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