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> CS_PATH is hardcoded to "/bin:/usr/bin" in the GNU libc for UNIX. Do you know 
> another key for which the value can be controled by the user (or the system 
> administrator)?

No, not a specific example, but CS_PATH could conceivably refer
to some POSIX compatibility suite that's been installed in a
non-ASCII location, and implementations can add their own
variables for whatever they want.

> CS_PATH is just an example, there are other keys. I'm not sure that all values 
> are encoded to the filesystem encodings, it might be another encoding?
> Well, if we really doesn't know the encoding, a solution is to use a bytes API 
> (which may avoid the question of the usage of the PEP 383).

The other variables defined by POSIX refer to environment
variables and command-line options for the C compiler and the
getconf utility, all of which would use the FS encoding in
Python, but I agree there's no way to know the appropriate
encoding in general, or even whether anything cares about

Personally, I have no objections to making it return bytes.
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