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> 1. time source (time.time()) represents time as 
> a floating point number which leads to system dependent behavior
> and introduces floating point operations where they are not needed.

Why not introducing a new function in time module? Other people may benefit from this.

> 3. The datetime module could benefit from access to tm_zone 
> and tm_gmtoff components of the tm structure, but introducing 
> those in the output of time.localtime() would require either 
> hidden member hackery or loss of backwards compatibility.
> See issues #1647654, #7662, and #9527.

Why not creating a new function giving access to all tm attributes? Eg. time.localtime_gmaware()?

> 4. No changes will be done to timemodule.c other than renaming

What about time_strftime()? It is 170 lines long: will it be moved to _basictime.c? You have to keep the code filling the "struct tm" structure in (_)timemodule.c.
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