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Yeah, after I posted that suggestion it occurred to me that the newline stuff *is* embedded in the way email5 works, but I hadn't gotten back here to post a followup yet.  I don't like it, but it is what it is.  (I believe the theory is to preserve the formatting of the text that was parsed from an input email6 I'm planning on handling that a different and safer way, albeit at the cost of using extra memory.)

So to fix the issue in email5 I we'd have to make sure there is whitespace following the newlines when *emitting* headers...which could then break roundtripping badly formed emails, which is not likely to be acceptable, and certainly would not be backportable. :(

In other words, it's not obvious to me that we *can* fix this in email5. :( :(

Thanks for working on this, and if you come up with any clever ideas let me know, and I'll do the same :)
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