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Following the discussions on pydev and some private correspondence with Georg Brandl, I'm attaching an updated patch.

Things changed:

1. Changes of :option: to ``...`` similar to previous patch

2. :program:`prog` :option:`opt` was changed to ``prog opt``

3. Some modules have a large choice of command line options. Per Georg's suggestions, command line options in these modules can be described with the "cmdoption" directive and later referred to with :option: which inserts a back-link, just like to the Python interpreter options now. I've applied these changes to unittest.rst and timeit.rst. trace.rst also has this problem, but the trace documentation is currently undergoing a major change by issue 9264 (2.6 fix was already committed) and I prefer changing it wholly at once.

In addition, the documentation of optparse underwent a more serious change because it kept referring to options with ``"-o"`` (note the double quotes after the ``), I changed it to ``-o`` for consistency.


P.S. The patch was generated from a fresh pull of py3k from the Hg mirror. The complete list of affected files:

M Doc/library/codecs.rst
M Doc/library/compileall.rst
M Doc/library/doctest.rst
M Doc/library/exceptions.rst
M Doc/library/getopt.rst
M Doc/library/idle.rst
M Doc/library/optparse.rst
M Doc/library/pydoc.rst
M Doc/library/sys.rst
M Doc/library/test.rst
M Doc/library/timeit.rst
M Doc/library/unittest.rst
M Doc/library/webbrowser.rst
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