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Although I did finally manage to explain the point of this patch (after a long, long discussion), I think the issue is still too controversial.  We did, for example, see some strange behaviour in my last comment (Date: 2010-04-21 23:22) regarding affinity fixing of the process!

What I hope comes out of this is that I think I have put my point across that with multithreading, a lock is not a lock.  While a mutex may be indeed a mutex, its behaviour towards the threads that want to claim it can be different and can affect program behaviour and performance.

This also goes for "emulated" or "constructed" entities, built out of something more primitive such as condition variables.

Since 2.x is now frozen, and everyone seems happy (I think) with the more complicated 3.x method (although, being more complex, probably has more surprises in store), we should probably just let this fade away.
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