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Date 2010-08-05.01:37:01
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I carefully and specifically questioned the existence of current 'Python bug', which is what this tracker is for. For Linux, that would mean a bug in any of the source files in a current 2.7, 3.1.2, or 3.2.1a1 tarball release or the newer source repository versions thereof. But I do not see any claim that there is any problem with any of the files. There certainly is no bug report for any specific stdlib module, which is what is meant by the Library (Lib) component.

This issue *is* about lib-dynload that I gather is supplied by Ubuntu. There may or may not be a bug in how Ubuntu packages, compiles, and loads Python 2.5.2. John, your msg76536, beginning "If *Ubuntu*..., it [Ubuntu] also needs..." suggests that. But unless you *know* that that results from a bug in the files downloaded by Ubuntu, you should take that up with them.

So I will follow Ralf's suggestion and close this, and suggest in turn that this issue be taken to an Ubuntu support list where help is more likely. There might even be knowledgeable Ubuntu users on python-list, I don't know.

Another possible suggestion to the OP is compile everything yourself with whatever compile flags you need to get all your stuff to work together. In particular, can you make your own lib-dynload that acts the way you want it to work? (But here is not the place to ask about how.)
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