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Attached is a simple patch against from the py3k branch. It generates a .zip file containing all the PDB files (minus a select few) in the PCbuild directory. I imagine most people only want python31.pdb, but it is very frustrating when you have a crash without debug information so all distributed executables PDBs are included.
One thing to watch out for is if you have built a debug build and not cleaned the directory it will also include debug PDBs (this could be easily fixed if needed).
I have tested the output by making an MSI package and corresponding zip, installing the MSI on another machine, causing a crash within a python module and pointing the visual studio debugger at the PDB files from the zip. Symbols are shown and source level debugging works if you point visual studio to a corresponding python source tree.
This should make debugging of crashdumps of python modules or programs which embed python much easier for windows developers.
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