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> The first sentence is "Derived class of ConfigParser that implements
> a sane variant of the magical interpolation feature." I think it's
> enough for an explanation.


>> but I don’t know if python-dev will agree with this deprecation.

I wrote that before seeing Michael’s reply. Since Georg is +1 too, I can only say: Great, let’s do it!

> FTR, many people I've spoken to treated RawConfigParser as
> something more low-level and not suitable for consumer use just
> because of the name AND the presence of a default (=name like the
> module) ConfigParser class.

Right. I don’t know if people using ConfigParser really want to use the interpolation. If we want to give the same name as the module to the best class for people who don’t read docs, I’d prefer renaming RawConfigParser to ConfigParser and SafeConfigParser to SomethingConfigParser.
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