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Date 2010-07-30.17:36:29
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New diff file.

Removed the '-g' option and added a '-b' option.

Using the '-g' option will now bring up pydoc options help.

Added a simple server command prompt with 'b' and 'q' choices
to open a browser and quit the server.

Allow the '-p' option to be use along with the  '-b' option.

Catch the error when the port is already in use and print a nice error instead of a traceback with an exception.

The port number now defaults to port 0 and uses a random unused port.

Changed the name of the server to better describe what it does to  Used a leading underscore on the name to
indicate it is a private module and give it time to mature a bit more
before making it public.

Rewrote the example in its __doc__ string so
it passes a doctest.
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