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Author vstinner
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Date 2010-07-28.23:10:29
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Same benchmark with Python 2.6.5+, so without the patch, but compiled with maximum compiler optimization (whereas pydebug means no optimization):

Protocol 0
- dump: 517.3 ms
- load: 876.6 ms <= because of the new I/O library, python3 is much slower

Protocol 1
- dump: 141.8 ms
- load: 255.2 ms <= with my patch, python3 is 1.5x faster

Protocol 2
- dump: 142.7 ms
- load: 262.1 ms <= with my patch, python3 is 1.5x faster

It would be better to redo all tests with the same compiler options, but the most important point is that Python3 is *faster* than Python2 with my patch ;-)
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