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Ray.Allen wrote:
> Ray.Allen <> added the comment:
> I feel it's not proper to allow the width restrict on types %S, %R, %A. These types correspond to PyObject_Str(), PyObject_Repr, PyObject_ASCII() respectively, the results of them are usually a complete string representation of a object. If you put a width restriction on the string, it's likely that the result string is intercepted and is of no complete meaning. If you really want to put a width restriction on the result, you can use %s instead, with one or two more lines to get the corresponding char* from the object.

I agree with that, but don't feel strongly about not allowing this
use case.

If it's easy to support, why not have it ? Otherwise, I'd be +1 on
adding a check and raise an error in case a width modifier is used
with these markers.
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