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Content  currently mentions os.popen() in several places. The docs for os.popen() itself say:
'These functions are described in section "File Object Creation"'

However, unlike the 2.x version of that section ( ), the os.popen*() family is not documented there [or indeed anywhere] anymore ( ); the entire section now only documents os.fdopen().

The 2.7 docs say that the os.popen*() family are deprecated, and indeed, of the family, only os.popen() seems to still exist in Python 3.x (at least based on my testing via

Thus, from what I can see, one of the following is the case:
(A) The entire os.popen*() family is supposed be gone in Python 3.x, so os.popen() should be removed entirely from both the code and the docs.
(B) os.popen() is the sole legitimate survivor of its family, and should be properly documented again.
(C) os.popen() was left in as a kludge, shouldn't be mentioned in the docs, and possibly should be renamed os._popen() to reflect its status.

So, which one of these is it?
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