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Date 2010-07-26.04:27:36
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I'm attaching a patch for this issue. 

1. _from_iterable in KeysView and ItemsView overridden as per Daniel's suggestion (Lib/
2. Added a test case to Lib/test/ that uses this test case (creates the subclass and attempts modifying the view), with Raymond's suggestions incorporated, as well as a simple correctness test.

The patch was made against the latest dev checkout. If it's found sufficient, I can backport it to 2.6/2.7


P.S. The patch was generated from a Hg mirror, so to patch it -p1 is to be used. If this is a problem, let me know and I'll generate a patch from an SVN working directory. I got the impression from the #python-dev IRC channel that submitting patches from Hg is fine, but I may be wrong here.
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