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For 2.6 and 3.1, this is a documentation only issue.
For 2.7, this is a doc + behavior issue.
For 3.2, this is a doc + behavior + new feature issue.

For 2.6.6 (release candidate due Aug 2, 10 days), I propose to add the following paragraph after the current 'Timing:' paragraph in the SequenceMatcher entry ('Heuristic:' should be bold-faced, like 'Timing:')

Heuristic: To speed matching, items that appear more than 1% of the time in sequences of at least 200 items are treated as junk. This has the unfortunate side-effect of giving bad results for sequences constructed from a small set of items. An option to turn off the heuristic will be added to a future version.

I would have said 'to 2.7.1' but that has not happened yet. I thought about putting the heuristic paragraph first, but I think it fits better after the discussion of quadratic run time. I think it should be a separate paragraph and not tacked on the end of the previous paragraph so people will be more likely to take notice.

I have marked this a release blocker because at least 6 issues have been filed for this bug and so I think it important that the explanation be added to the next released doc. I plan to temporarily reassign this to docs@python in a few days.
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