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Date 2010-07-20.18:13:29
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configure is not config. As I understand it, the config command aimed to be something like ./configure in autotools, thus usable in combination with build and install. configure is different: it is meant to be run once to create a configure.cache file which saves possibly long and complicated options. IOW, its goal was to be typed only once, not in combination with build or install. This is why build does not call configure. I have written a short doc to explain that, see configure.rst in my repo or the built version at

This message and the linked doc explain the current behavior of configure as I understood its purpose a month ago, IMO respecting what Tarek wrote in the bug report. However, Tarek he did not explain all that he had in mind here, like I wrote here on 2010-07-17 (I don’t have notes on that :/ so I’ll have to ask him again and sort out the setup.cfg/configure.cache overlap). When I get back to configure, the command line “configure --prefix ~ install” will work according to your expectations.
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