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I agree with Guilherme: shortcuts don't need to appear in the context menu.

Guilherme's patch looks pretty good overall, but I have a few remarks:

1) Pasting should be disabled in the Shell window when the cursor is before the I/O mark. (the behavior for cutting is correct)

2) Code relevant to the Shell window should be in PyShell, not in EditorWindow with a getattr(self, 'interp', None) check.

3) can receive names of tags to compare (don't have to do Tk.Text.index('<tag name>'))

So I made these changes. Attached are patches against current trunk (2.x) and py3k branch.

My testing on Windows7 with both 2.7 and 3.1.2 showed this change works well. This should be tested on OSX and Linux since it interacts with the clipboard, which works differently on these platforms.
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