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Date 2010-07-19.20:33:20
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This is not easy after all, kudos for taking care of that.

The shlex fix was reverted IIRC because Mark was unsure of the fix, since our diff tools try to be too clever and decode files, not showing us the bytes differences. I don’t trust my editor either, nor the file command (which says very funny things about Python files). I only trust Python’s open function to give me the exact bytes, which I can compare with 'æ'.encode('utf-8') and 'æ'.encode('latin1') to make up my mind.

In this case, I would trust the left-hand side of the diff seen in r82560 as a definition of what those characters are supposed to be, since I don’t have POSIX handy <wink>, and add the \x escapes for those characters (per Guido’s recommendation—I regret we’ve switched to UTF-8 but can’t use it).
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