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Date 2010-07-19.01:37:20
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Thanks for the update;
Just a small observation regarding some character ranges and ignorecase, probably irrelevant, but a difference to the current re anyway:

>>> zero2z = u"0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"

>>> re.findall("(?i)[X-d]", zero2z)

>>> regex.findall("(?i)[X-d]", zero2z)
[u'A', u'B', u'C', u'D', u'X', u'Y', u'Z', u'[', u'\\', u']', u'^', u'_', u'`', u'a', u'b', u'c', u'd', u'x', u'y', u'z']

re.findall("(?i)[B-d]", zero2z)
[u'B', u'C', u'D', u'b', u'c', u'd']

regex.findall("(?i)[B-d]", zero2z)
[u'A', u'B', u'C', u'D', u'E', u'F', u'G', u'H', u'I', u'J', u'K', u'L', u'M', u'N', u'O', u'P', u'Q', u'R', u'S', u'T', u'U', u'V', u'W', u'X', u'Y', u'Z', u'[', u'\\', u']', u'^', u'_', u'`', u'a', u'b', u'c', u'd', u'e', u'f', u'g', u'h', u'i', u'j', u'k', u'l', u'm', u'n', u'o', u'p', u'q', u'r', u's', u't', u'u', u'v', u'w', u'x', u'y', u'z']

It seems, that the re module is building the character set using a case insensitive "alphabet" in some way.

I guess, the behaviour of re is buggy here, while regex is ok (tested on py 2.7, Win XPp).

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