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Author BreamoreBoy
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Date 2010-07-18.11:09:44
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I applied the patch to only and all tests passed, surely that's not correct.

Removing the explicit test for a non-numeric port in seems strange to me, could someone please explain the rationale behind this.

I also noticed this line in the patch.

if self.debuglevel > 0: print>>stderr, "connect:", msg

And this comment in set_debuglevel in

"A non-false value results in debug messages for connection and for all
messages sent to and received from the server."

IIRC if a string was passed into set_debuglevel the comparison would fail in py3k, am I correct?  The print statement would not work in py3k.
Given that the debuglevel code obviously doesn't get tested perhaps it should simply be stripped from the code?
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