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Le mercredi 14 juillet 2010 à 01:45 +0000, Terry J. Reedy a écrit :
> 2. Add a parameter that defaults to using the heuristic but allows
> turning it off. Perhaps better, but code that used the new API would
> crash if run on 2.7.0

Yes, but this is an exceptional situation. We normally don't add new
APIs in bugfix versions. We'll have to live with it.

> 3.
> [...]
> Ugly, but perhaps crazy brilliant. Use of such a hack would obviously
> be temporary. Perhaps its use could be made to issue a -3 warning if
> such were enabled.

It's still incredibly ugly. Besides, code written for 2.7.1 might not
"blow up" with 2.7, but it will still have different behaviour.
If you are using the new parameter, it's because you *need* it, hence
different behaviour will be unacceptable; therefore, better to raise an
error as the API change proposal does.
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