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Author l0nwlf
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Date 2010-06-22.10:45:22
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16:05:57 l0nwlf-MBP:/Applications/$ ./firefox-bin ''
says firefox is already running as ff is open.
After we quit ff,
16:09:05 l0nwlf-MBP:/Applications/$ ./firefox-bin -remote ''
Nothing happens.
16:09:14 l0nwlf-MBP:/Applications/$ ./firefox-bin  ''
Opened firefox with url(google homepage) as mentioned.

>>> import webbrowser
>>> url = ''
>>> c = webbrowser.get('safari')
Opens two instances of safari, one with home-page and another with url mentioned. Initially safari was not running and firefox is my default browser. Incase safari is running it opens only one instance with url(google homepage) opened.
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