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About the patch:

 - Why not reading itemsize from buffer.itemsize?
 - A test would be nice in Lib/test/ (in test_tofromstring?). Please add also a.extend(bytearray(b'xjxjx')) to the test suite.

I agree that it is a bugfix and so i can be applied to 3.1 (and 3.2).


> fromstring should become frombytes.

I remember an issue proposing that. I also prefer .frombytes() name: we can add .frombytes() and keep .fromstring() as an alias to .frombytes() (and maybe mark it as deprecated).

A message:

An issue starting at:

Can someone open a issue about .frombytes()?

> fromunicode is still needed. 

Can someone open a new issue about .fromunicodes()?
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