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Author chriscog
Date 2000-08-22.22:46:11
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The following code will run very slowly, using either python 1.5.2 or 1.6b1:

import re

s = """

  arp               ARP commands
  class             Classifier commands
  dns               DNS commands
  email             Email commands
  event             User event commands
  frame             Frame Relay commands
  group             Group configuration commands
  help              On-Line help facility
  hl                Host list configuration commands
  hostdb            Host database commands
  image             Image commands
  links             Link commands
  look              Withdraw touch access (go back to look-only access)
  measure           Measurement commands
  mib               MIB commands
  net               Network statistics commands
  partition         Bandwidth partition commands
  policy            Policy commands
  reset             Reset the PacketShaper


r = re.compile ( r"\n\n(\s+.+\n)+\n\n$" )

mo = r.match ( s )

if mo:
        print "groups = %s" % mo.groups()
        print "no match"

The above program takes 11 seconds to run on my system. FOr each line that I add in 's', the time DOUBLES. (And halves if I remove lines)
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