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On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 5:55 PM, Terry J. Reedy <> wrote:
> Terry J. Reedy <> added the comment:
> Documentation issues should be component: documentation rather than library. When submitting one, please at least indicate the module or class concerned. I have never heard of 'unknown_decl' function.

It's your bug tracker. This sort of statement that says that I should
know exactly how you want bugs reported only serves to tell people
like me not to even try. In addition, it's inaccurate in this case, as
the title of the bug is that HTMLParser, which is a module in the
standard library, needs a function documented.

HTMLParser runs over HTML and calls internal functions when certain
events occur. unknown_decl is called when an unknown declaration is
found, and by default, it throws an exception. Thus, to correctly use
HTMLParser, when subclassing it, you need to override unknown_decl if
there are any unknown declarations in your HTML (or if you think there
might be).

> Preferably, indicate the specific section you want modified, by version, number and name. Best is to submit a suggested text to be inserted.  You may know better than most issue reviewers what should be said. Someone else will add markup and possibly edit.

It's been almost 2 years since I submitted this bug. I don't know if
it applies to Python 3, and at this point I find it difficult to care.


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