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Doc nit: "When ``%z`` directive" -> "When the ``%z`` directive"

The _strptime._strptime docstring is inaccurate:  it claim to return a time struct, but actually returns tuple, int;  please could you also add docstrings for _strptime_time and _strptime_datetime?

Spacing in datetimemodule.c:  "if( module == NULL)" -> "if (module == NULL)".  Also, is there any particular reason for initializing 'result' to NULL?  (Or even for using result at all;  you could just do "return PyObject_CallMethod(... ").

I'm mildly distressed by the inability of strptime to parse UTC offsets in the +HH:MM form that str(timezone) produces, but I'm not sure what the solution to that is.

Otherwise, this all looks good to my non-expert eye.
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