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Date 2010-06-17.14:24:22
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I would like to move this forward.  The PyPy implementation at

claims to be based on the original CPython datetime implementation from the time when datetime was a python module.  I looked through the code and it seems to be very similar to datetime.c.  Some docstings and comments are literal copies.  I think it will not be hard to port that to 3.x.

I have a few questions, though.

1. I remember seeing python-dev discussion that concluded that the best way to distribute parallel C and Python implementations was to have with the following:

# pure python implementation

def foo():

def bar():

# ..

    from _module import *
except ImportError:

Is this still the state of the art?  What about parsing overhead?

2. Is there a standard mechanism to ensure that unitests run both python and C code?  I believe sys.module['_module'] = None will prevent importing _module.  Is there direct regrtest support for this?
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