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r81811 and r81923 improve Doc/c-api/arg.rst. I opened more specific issues to improve getargs code and documentation:
 - #8991: PyArg_Parse*() functions: reject discontinious buffers
 - #8926: getargs.c: release the buffer on error
 - #8952: Doc/c-api/arg.rst: fix documentation of number formats
 - #8949: PyArg_Parse*(): "z" should not accept bytes
 - #8951: PyArg_Parse*(): factorize code of 's' and 'z' formats, and 'u' and 'Z' formats	open
 - #8850: Remove "w" format of PyParse_ParseTuple()

I prefer to close this issue because it is too generic. All points of this issues can be found in the other issues or are already fixed by some commits.
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