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Date 2010-06-10.23:03:23
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ctypes doesn't have strict separation between bytes and characters, whereas Python3 splitted str/unicode of Python2 into bytes/str which a strict separation. The result is that sometimes it works (no error), sometimes it fails (the first time that the user inserts a non-ASCII character).

I wrote 3 patches:
 - ctypes_s_set.patch: fix s_set(), return an unicode string instead of a bytes string
 - ctypes_conversion.patch: remove ctypes.set_conversion_mode() and all code using it (remove the implicit conversions)
 - ctypes_tests.patch: fix all tests according the changes introduced by the two previous patches

ctypes_s_set.patch is trivial and fixes a real bug. ctypes_conversion.patch does basically remove code. ctypes_tests.patch is the biggest part because the test suite is mostly based on the implicit conversion.

Except the parts removing the calls to ctypes.set_conversion_mode() and the tests testing the implicit conversion, ctypes_tests.patch can be commited alone because it improves the test suite (use the right types).
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