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Date 2010-06-08.08:00:04
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STINNER Victor wrote:
> STINNER Victor <> added the comment:
> MAL agreed to remove "t#" parsing format (#8839), whereas charbuffer_encode() main goal was to offer "t#" parsing format to Python object space. charbuffer_encode() is now useless in Python3. bytes() accepts any buffer object (read-only and read/write buffer), so readbuffer_encode() became useless in Python3.
> readbuffer_encode() and charbuffer_encode() were never documented, and are not used by any 3rd party library.
> Can we remove these two functions?

Like I said before:

We can remore charbuffer_encode() now and perhaps
add it again later on when buffers have learned (again) to
provide access to a text version of their data. In this
case, we'd likely add t# back again as well.

Please leave readbuffer_encode() as-is.
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