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Date 2010-06-07.21:43:41
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STINNER Victor wrote:
> New submission from STINNER Victor <>:
> is unclear about what is a "string".
> Attached patch:
>  - Use directly bytes, bytearray and str types
>  - Replace "default encoding" by "``'utf-8'`` encoding"
>  - Add bytes and/or bytearray to "... buffer compatible object" because it's not easy to understand what is a buffer compatible object, especially because there are different kind of buffer objects: read-only, read-write, pinned, etc.
>  - Fix reST syntax ("..note ::")
>  - Fix "es", "es#", "et" and "et#" formats: they doesn't accept "character buffer compatible object" (can someone double check that?)

The character buffer concept is (unfortunately) gone in Python3.

There's no way for a buffer compatible object to tell the
arg parser that it is storing text data. Perhaps we can add something
like that back via the Py_buffer flags for getting buffers.
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