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Date 2010-06-05.17:24:00
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It is too hard to track this issue without quotes from manual. Let's bring context into discussion:
  UTC offset of the local DST timezone if one is defined. Only use this if daylight is nonzero.
  Nonzero if a DST timezone is defined.
  UTC offset of the local (non-DST) timezone

So, to answer a question "What is the current UTC offset?" you need to:
if time.daylight:
  if time.altzone: # using only if defined
     use time.altzone
     use time.timezone
  use time.timezone

1. Is that really works like described above?
2. Should we at least group these timezone variables?

As for offtopic UTC vs GMT - I doubt there is a way to clearly express that the offset sign of the returned values is negated in comparison with real "UTC offsets" without resorting to some king of alternative east/west scale.
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